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NoiseReducer products are designed for use in commercial and residential wall and ceiling assemblies to effectively reduce transmission of airborne sound and provide thermal insulation. NoiseReducer Sound Control Batts are designed for wood stud interior walls and floors to help you add "the sounds of silence" to any home, as well as helping you differentiate yourself from your competition. Quite simply, NoiseReducer Sound Control Batts provide a sound-absorber that fills the void between interior wood studs. This absorber effectively breaks the path of sound. In other words, NoiseReducer batts keep the peace in new homes and work environment... limiting sound levels without limiting normal activity.

Features & Benefits

Fire Hazard Classification: – ASTM E84 Unfaced insulation: Max. Flame Spread Index: 25 Max Smoke Developed Index: 53
These lightweight, flexible products are easy to handle and fabricate on the job site and conform to irregular surfaces
Acoustical Ceiling Batts are available unfaced and Kraft faced (without stapling tabs) for installation on suspended ceilings
A package of Noise Reducer insulation on a white background.

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