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CertainTeed's FlintBond® Caulk is an all-weather, SBS-modified bitumen flashing and repair mastic specially formulated for use with modified bitumen membranes, base sheets and ply sheets. When used as a flashing cement, it is ideal for SBS-modified membranes seam and flashing details and cracks in concrete or control joints on low-slope roofs as well as skylights, chimneys, vent pipes, gravel guards and down spouts on shingle roofs. FlintBond® Caulk also delivers excellent repair performance on all modified bitumen and built up roofing membranes in wet or dry conditions; it will bond underwater and will remain adhered where movement is expected to occur. FlintBond® will not run, slip, sag, or mud crack. Formulated with superior high temperature resistance, it will remain durable in high heat locations such as heater vent pipes. FlintBond® can be used as a shingle sealant with caution, over-application can cause the shingle to blister. Reach out to your local CertainTeed Territ...See More

Features & Benefits

Quick Specs
• SBS-modified adhesive • Black • 10.1 oz • 24 LF/tube (1/4" bead)
• Meets or exceeds ASTM D3019, Type III, D4479, Type I • Pliable even in cold temperatures • Excellent elongation/recovery
Why Buy
• Use in wet or dry conditions • Professional-grade, premium asphalt, rubber, solvent and fibers • Excellent adhesion
• Warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years (system specification and product dependent) • Credentialed Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% with an Integrity Maintenance Agreement • Product and Product/Workmanship Limited Warranties • When used within a CertainTeed roof system, warranty coverage extends to accessories

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