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When to use Double-Course or Single-Course Siding


Installation expertise is knowing what to install, and how to install it, all while maximizing your bottom line. Cedar Impressions single-course and double-course siding products are durable and easy to install, allowing you to optimize crew efficiency to keep time—and money—on your side. Plus, they are engineered for interchangeable application, allowing you to offer the 'mix-and-match' exterior design options that homeowners love.

When to use Double-Course Siding

Double-course siding is best when siding large areas without architectural complexity.

When it comes to covering large areas, double-course siding is the smart choice. Compared to single-course siding, it installs with 50 percent fewer hammer swings and nails. Double-course siding also provides more coverage per panel than single-course siding – covering 4.55 square feet per panel versus 3.5 square feet per panel, respectively – an improvement of 30 percent in coverage area.

When to use Single-Course Siding

Single-course siding is optimal when siding gables, angular spaces, and small accents. 
Due to its size, single-course siding produces less waste than double-course siding in applications that require a lot of cuts—such as gables. It should also be used when finishing a run on a wall that is less than seven inches.


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