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A modern office with a wooden ceiling.

Integrated Ceilings Solutions 

Air flow. Building envelope. Temperature control. Acoustical performance. With so many factors to consider, let our unified systems smooth the way. 

Beautiful, functional aesthetics. Energy efficiency. Ease of maintenance. Integrated ceiling solutions make life better for architects, installers, and occupants. 

From suspension systems to custom-engineered ceiling showpieces in metal, felt, fiberglass, and wood, we have solutions for every space and every budget. Our product portfolio delivers aesthetic beauty backed by building science expertise, in-the-field experience, customer feedback, and, as always, world-class customer support. 

Building Science

Building Science 

From design to the physics of materials, as well as techniques to identify potential problems and how to solve them, our science-based best practices thrive in residential and commercial construction. 


Comprehensive research and intelligent innovation elevate our integrated ceilings options. We maximize energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and control via a comprehensive understanding of the building envelope, mechanical systems, the outside environment, and the building’s occupants.


Building Trust 

CertainTeed can guide you through the processes of building design, code compliance, and material selection. Our in-house experts also have extensive backgrounds in building forensics. 


Building Relationships 

Collaboration at each phase of the project means our research, experience, and design yields greater product compatibility for consistently reliable results. 

Real-world Results. 

Any space. Any budget. Anything is possible. 

Unlimited Ceiling 

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