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An exterior of a home being constructed with Certawrap and siding.

Equipment and Tools for Vinyl Siding Installation


Use only corrosion-resistant nails (aluminum, stainless or galvanized roofing.) Nails should have a minimum head diameter of 5/16". CertainTeed recommends the use of stainless steel nails or other corrosion-resistant fasteners when installing siding in coastal areas. Be sure to check with your local code official or governing body for the building requirements in your area. Staples should be a minimum of 16 gauge.    
If screws are used, use non-corrosive, self-tapping, pan head or washer head screws or oval head with countersunk washer screws with at least 5/16" diameter head, 1/8" (3mm) diameter shaft, and at least 1-1/8" (29mm) long. To determine the length of nail required, measure the thickness of the sheathing material. Fasteners must penetrate a total of at least 1-1/4" (32mm) into a nailable material such as wood sheathing and framing. The minimum nail size should be 1-1/2". 

Example: If you’re applying siding over 1/2" structural sheathing, use a nail at least 1-1/2" long (1/2" sheathing + 3/4" stud penetration + nailing hem thickness + minimum 1/16" between nailing hem and fastener head). 

To determine the quantity of nails required, complete the following:

Total square feet of siding required: ______  
(If using aluminum nails) x .005

(If using galvanized roofing nails) x .01    
Pounds of nails required: = ______

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Tin Snips    
Tape Measure    
Chalk Line    
Utility Knife    
Snaplock Punch    
Three-Hole Punch


Power circular saw with sharp, fine-tooth plywood blade mounted in reverse direction.    
Discover here the Vinyl Siding Terminology 


NOTE: If you will be using an extension ladder during installation, be sure to cushion the upper side rails to help prevent damage to installed siding.    
Cutting table    
Portable brake    
Essential for bending aluminum trim coil to fit around fascia boards, window sills, window and door casings, etc. Please refer to the brake manufacturer’s instructions for metal bending techniques.


Nail slot punch (CertainTeed Item # 57997)    
Punches elongated holes to allow nailing the cut edge of a panel. Also used to enlarge an existing hole to allow proper nailing.    
Snaplock punch (CertainTeed Item # 57995 or 57996)    
Punches tabs in the cut edge of a panel used as a finishing course at the top of a wall or underneath a window. The tabs lock into undersill trim. For best results, we recommend using item 57995 Snaplock Punch, which is designed specifically for vinyl applications.     
Trim nail punch    
Punches trim nail holes into soffit, fascia, and other finishing trim without denting or marring the material. Available from Malco Products, Granger,    
Zip tool (CertainTeed Item # 57998 or 57999)    
Locks and unlocks panels. 

  • If you are transporting vinyl siding to a job site, make certain to keep cartons flat and supported along their entire length. At the job site, take the following precautions when storing panels:
  • Store on a flat surface and support the entire length of the carton.

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