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From distinctive charm to timeless style, homes dressed in Restoration Millwork trim have curb appeal that always generates a second admiring look. With so many options and trim styles, there’s no limit to what you can create. While Restoration Millwork looks and feels like top-grade lumber, it provides performance and aesthetic advantages that wood and other materials just can’t match. These cellular PVC products offer superior quality and excellent dimensional accuracy, can be cut and milled with traditional woodworking tools, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty. Restoration Millwork stays beautiful without the need for painting. However, you can paint Restoration Millwork using CertainTeed certified paints & stains. Sherwin-Williams® VinylSafe™ paints are comprised of tins formulated to follow CertainTeed’s best-in-the industry exterior products color palette. Restoration Millwork gives building professionals and homeowners confidence that the homes they design, build, ma...See More

Features & Benefits

This product is available in both TrueTexture™ woodgrain and smooth finishes.
UV-resistant material can be painted to complement exterior colors
FinishEdge™ Natural White - ready to install
25-year limited warranty

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